The Kurdish Alphabet

Kurdish Latin Alphabet

A aB bC cÇ çD dE eÊ ê
F fG gH hI iÎ îJ jK k
L lŁ łM mN nŇ ňO oP p
R rŘ řS sŞ şT tU uÛ û
Ü üV vW wX xY yZ z

The Kurdish Latin Alphabet uses the Latin script. It has been derived from the Kurdish Hawar alphabet.

Example and Conversion Table

Kurdish Latin AlphabetExampleCyrillicAbjad
A aa in afterА аا
B bb in brotherБ бب
C cj in jogЩ щج
Ç çch in chatЧ чچ
D dd in doorД дد
E ea in about / e in redӘ әە
Ê êea in bearЭ эێ
F ff in fastФ фف
G gg in goatГ гگ
H hh in hillҺ һھ
I ii in tip / io in stationЬ ьئ
Î îee in treeИ иی
J js in measureЖ жژ
K kk in kiteК кک
L ll in lessonЛ лل
Ł łll in the Albanian word llojЛ’ л’ڵ
M mm in milkМ мم
N nn in noteН нن
Ň ňng in ringнгنگ
O oo in shoreO oۆ
P pp in panП пپ
R rr in the Armenian word yerek (երեք)Р рر
Ř řrr in the Spanish word zorroР’ р’ڕ
S ss in sipС сس
Ş şsh in shellШ шش
T tt in tapТ тت
U uu in the Italian word tuttoӦ ӧو
Û ûu in the Spanish word tortugaУ уوو
Ü üü in the German word über——–ۊ
V vv in vestВ вڤ
W ww in waterԜ ԝو
X xch in the German word buchХ хخ
Y yy in yearЙ йی
Z zz in zebraЗ зز

We have removed the letter Q.

The letter Q, along with the sound it represents, are not from the Kurdish language.

The letter Ü is seen in the Kełhuřî dialect of the Kurdish language.


Kurdish Writing

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