The Kurdish Alphabet

Kurdish Latin Alphabet

A aB bC cÇ çD dE eÊ ê
F fG gH hI iÎ îJ jK k
L lŁ łM mN nŇ ňO oP p
Q qR rŘ řS sŞ şT tU u
Û ûÜ üV vW wX xY yZ z

The Kurdish Latin Alphabet uses the Latin script. It has been derived from the Kurdish Hawar alphabet.

Example and Conversion Table

Kurdish Latin AlphabetExampleAbjadCyrillic
A aa in afterاА а
B bb in brotherبБ б
C cj in jogجЩ щ
Ç çch in chatچЧ ч
D dd in doorدД д
E ee in red / u in underەӘ ә
Ê êea in bearێЭ э
F ff in fastفФ ф
G gg in goatگГ г
H hh in hillھҺ һ
I ii in tip / io in stationئЬ ь
Î îee in treeیИ и
J js in measureژЖ ж
K kk in kiteکК к
L ll in lessonلЛ л
Ł łll in the American-English pronunciation of callڵЛ’ л’
M mm in milkمМ м
N nn in noteنН н
Ň ňng in ringنگнг
O oo in formۆO o
P pp in panپП п
Q q ——–قԚ ԛ
R rr in the Armenian word yerek (երեք)رР р
Ř řrr in the Spanish word zorroڕР’ р’
S ss in sipسС с
Ş şsh in shellشШ ш
T tt in tapتТ т
U uu in the Italian word tuوӦ ӧ
Û ûu in the Spanish word tortugaووУ у
Ü üü in the German word überۊ‎——–
V vv in vestڤВ в
W ww in waterوԜ ԝ
X xch in the German word buchخХ х
Y yy in yogurtیЙ й
Z zz in zebraزЗ з

The letter Q, along with the sound it represents, is to be revised. This letter could be removed. Details can be found within the ‘About’ page, ‘Suggestions’ section, ‘Revision of the letter Q’ sub-section.

More information on the Kurdish Latin Alphabet, and the Kurdish Hawar Alphabet that it has been derived from, can be found within the ‘About’ page, ‘Approach’ section, ‘Standardization of the Kurdish alphabet’ sub-section.

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